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Artist's Guide to Music Managers (Part 2)

Networking & Socialising (Continued) Aside from experience there are some far for fundamental qualities needed to survive in such a competitive work environment. Socially managers have to be constantly sharp, networking is the single most important aspect of anyones game plan for rising to the top of a profession and artist managers are no different; in fact if anything this line of work is probably the most demanding in the entire industry when it comes to these qualities. Managers must be great at making friends and business associates, giving a good impression will ensure that they acquire as many contacts as possible which will in turn mean more work for them. As Paul Allen (2014) put it

Artist's Guide to Music Managers (Part 1)

Introduction One would admit that the music industry is a very hostile place; a place where no one is truly safe from the consequences of failure and in particular failure to make money. This was as evident as ever in 2009 when British major label giant EMI reported it had lost almost two point five billion dollars; just a few years later and it was all over. In this ever changing environment many industry professionals agree that knowledge of the business has become more and more important for anyone working or hoping to work in music. for many up and coming artists DIY is the norm. Ninety-nine percent of bands start this way, they put on their own shows, promote them, write the music and o

The Rise of Napster

The arrival of the internet in the early 90’s, and its continued popularity during the early 00’s, affected the music industry tremendously. It introduced the rise of new platforms which (just a decade or so before) were simply unthinkable. This was the biggest change that the industry had faced for a long time. The internet’s impact and influence has now spread to the entire music industry. Not content with cornering the music sales market (iTunes recorded its one billionth download in February 2006,) the internet has now provoked what Q magazine has described as the biggest revolution in music since punk, 30 years ago.’ As the technology advanced and internet speeds increased one teenager

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