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My First Blog!

Blog Entry #1

Moving To Sale

It’s now been almost 6 weeks since I moved to Sale from the Isle of Wight and I can only say good things about it! Manchester city centre seems to be in a constant state of development with cranes and new buildings being built wherever you look. Before moving up here, I was told a lot about how fast things are moving here by my northern friends but I really had to see it to completely believe it.

The second thing I was told was that the music scene in the city was extremely well connected, with plenty of live shows going on through the week and into the weekend. With open mic nights 7 days a week and regular shows on the weekend there’s plenty to choose from whatever you’re musical taste.

Over the last couple of months, I’ve played a variety of open mic's throughout the city and have come to realise just how connected and friendly Manchester really is. You can go from knowing nobody to finding yourself connected to a huge network of people in just a few weeks if you get out there enough.

The Teaching

This new website is my way of reaching out to the local community that I now find myself in, and an opportunity to get more and more people interested in music and in particular, the guitar. Music can add a lot of positivity to a person’s life, giving them a way to express themselves and an outlet to focus on and escape from everyday life. Something which I feel everyone should be able to enjoy!

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