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Why I disagree with Noel Gallagher

Last night I came across a video on You Tube that featured Noel Gallagher giving advice to young bands. In the video Noel spoke about the lack of truly great songs nowadays and the importance of a great song. However, during the interview he said ‘It Doesn’t matter about your hairdo, your hairdo doesn’t mean anything’.

True, there has been a lack of bands reaching that top, top level. However, sadly a great chorus alone Is not good enough in today’s music industry. Obviously music is the most important part of the equation, but branding is crucial too and far too many talented songwriters fail to construct an effective brand to back their music.

With the accessibility of promotional tools such as social media, small bands and artists have the potential to connect with millions of music fans for very little money at all. With a strong brand and marketing plan an artist can unlock the full potential of their music by creating a real buzz.

Take a look at any business and you’ll begin to notice the power of a great brand, does Starbucks make the best coffee for the best price? Absolutely not, but they have a great brand which immediately gives the consumer a higher opinion of the products before they even try them.

The same goes for music artists, take a look at the 1975 for instance. They’re branding tells you exactly what they are before you’ve heard a note, this gives them a base from which the audience can listen from.

Whilst a strong brand has always been important, it has become far more so in recent years, it’s also become more of an obstacle ever since the DIY approach became more and more relevant.

The 1975

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