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Artist's Guide to Music Managers (Part 2)

Networking & Socialising (Continued)

Aside from experience there are some far for fundamental qualities needed to survive in such a competitive work environment. Socially managers have to be constantly sharp, networking is the single most important aspect of anyones game plan for rising to the top of a profession and artist managers are no different; in fact if anything this line of work is probably the most demanding in the entire industry when it comes to these qualities. Managers must be great at making friends and business associates, giving a good impression will ensure that they acquire as many contacts as possible which will in turn mean more work for them. As Paul Allen (2014) put it. ‘If an artist manager in the music business cannot get a call returned, they are ineffective, so building a network of contacts and relationships early in a career is extremely important. To build a network, a manager must be willing to become involved in both the business and social sides of the music industry’.

Creating a Team

The process of gaining a business team is always different depending on the artist’s popularity, financial situation, current knowledge of the music industry as well as the needs of you the manager. For instance a small artist who is still just beginning their career would probably be better off just sticking with a manager to take care of everything for them, after all they’re business work load is probably still pretty small and as a result very manageable for one person to take on; whilst a much bigger act would need a far bigger team with members specifying in their own areas.

Leading the team

The ability to lead is what a manager is all about, without this quality a career in music management is simply not worth following. According to Paul Allen (2014) ‘Leadership is one of those qualities a person has that genuinely makes them stand apart from others. They are the kind of people who quickly step-up to a challenge or opportunity and say, “I’ll take care of it,” and then they do’. Whilst some are born leaders others may have to work on this trait and the best way to do this is by being the first to step up and take responsibility, by doing this not only will you gain the respect of people around but you will also start to naturally take charge of situations. Managers need to be well respected by their acts (sometimes even feared) as well as being able to take care of anything that may need their attention.

Depending on where the artist is in their development they may already have or are planning to have other members of their business team (besides you); these could include any relevant professionals from lawyers, to attorneys, to agents, to merchandisers let alone the guys who the artist might take on tour with them, music technicians, sound technicians, extra session musicians, the list goes on and on. The matter of the fact is you will be responsible for not just the artist but everyone who is working for the artist.

George Capon

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