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Some things that I've learnt...

The last year has been huge success for me, I think moving to a new place and forcing yourself to figure it all out is an effective way of getting the best out of yourself. Comfort is never something that I've strived for and I don't believe anyone should ever aim to be just 'comfortable'. you see, once someone finds comfort it often implies that they have no real reason to work have any longer. Even if it's not a conscious thought, subconsciously it's happening. The goals should always be updated, once you catch the fish, throw it back in and catch it again.

Once of the greatest feelings since moving came recently when I finally looked back and realized how much had been achieved since I arrived. Upon arrival I felt cut off from everything around and a long way from home, and I did for a long time after that. It was something that came gradually for me, but once it did come it was a sudden realization, almost like a switch had flicked in the back of my mind. This was due to the fact that the big goals that I had set for myself had finally been realised.

The biggest lesson that I have learnt in thrast year would be to be more patient with myself. Rome wasn't built in a day, because great things take time, a lot of time. It's the understanding that in this world that we live in of instant gratification we must learn that to do something truly great, it's not going to happen overnight, nor will it happen this year, and probably not even in the next 3 or 4 years, but as long as you keep at it, it will eventually happen.

Stop procrastinating on the possibilities and just do it. There's a time for external thinking and a time for work. 

George Capon

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